MEWA: Generation Two, Part Five


Ever since I directed Jeremy to earn some guitar skill so he could get promoted in the entertainer career, he enjoys playing the guitar autonomously. By the look on his face, he’s not too confident in his ability yet, but with enough practice, he might become as good as his dad. Continue reading


Picture Dump: Baby Time

Decided just to show y’all the pictures for this development instead of writing anything because I didn’t take enough screenshots back when Faeron was pregnant and didn’t think I’d be able to create an interesting narrative based on them. Plus, the chapter basically would have been: “The baby was born. Yay!” XD Anyway, this kid here is Teo (and he has purple skin ❤ ❤ ).

My apologies to PeachyKeen for having a name so similar to one of her kids, Theo. I played this part of my game soooo long ago, so it was before Theo showed up in her story. (Yes, that long ago.)

Chapter 21: Or Whatever

A few weeks had passed since Sawyer had moved back into the house, and Faeron’s pregnancy was proceeding smoothly. Whereas during her first two pregnancies, the strain in her marriage enhanced her discomfort, this time, she spent most of her days smiling, in spite of the morning sickness or aching muscles. This was a pregnancy and a baby she did not dread experiencing, which allowed for her to relax or indulge when the time called for it.

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Chapter Twenty: Honestly

“Thanks for the ride, Mom,” the young friend of Liam’s said to the woman seated inside the car next to her. Alvetta waved and watched as her mom drove away from the lot, then turned to face her friends. “Huh? Where’d Richter go?” she asked upon seeing he wasn’t with the group.

“He went to grab that book he was talking about last night,” Reese, the boy standing next to Liam, told her. “He really wants to show it to us.” [A/N: Liam met Reese at the playground way back when he first met Alvetta, in case you don’t remember.]

“It’s a really cool book!” Liam exclaimed. “There’s robots and explosions and all this science-stuff.” He waved his arms around to imitate all the excitement of the story.

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MEWA: Generation Two, Part Two


We’re getting close to Jeremy and Jesse’s adult birthdays, and I’d like to finish as much of their aspirations as possible before they age up. So I take the two of them to the park so that Jesse can meet some new sims to be disliked by. He needs to be disliked by four sims to finish the second milestone.

The first thing that happens when the lot loads is this girl who I’ve never seen before shows Jeremy a video on her phone. Like the interaction was already halfway finished when the lot loaded, it was a little strange. She’s cute though, so I’m thinking I’ll keep an eye on her. Continue reading