My Experiences With Autonomy: Generation One, Part Twelve

Just a few days later, it’s already time for Jesse’s teenage birthday. He has completed his Rambunctious Scamp aspiration and is now Physically Gifted.


With that hair and the tank top, he looks like a surfer dude.


When I take him to CAS, I decide he looks pretty good with a stubbly beard thing. (I don’t know if that meets the qualifications to be simply called a “beard.”)

He really got the best of both his parents’ genetics. Jed’s eyes, but Morgan’s face shape and lips. I’m gonna have to be one of those simmers who fawns over their sims, because he’s a little dreamy, if you ask me.

Anyway, he ends up with the Glutton trait and the Public Enemy aspiration. Jesse was a bit of a punk as a kid, like when he rudely introduced himself to his cousin, so I thought this would be a good aspiration for him. But with the benefit of hindsight, I can say this aspiration was not the best choice for him. More on that in later updates, though.

Sadly, just a couple days later, it’s time to say goodbye to our founding couple 😦 Just a few minutes after Morgan wakes up to meet Grim, Jed comes home early from a mixologist shift to do the same.


It’s honestly kind of moving to see them go at the same time. It’s just too bad they weren’t in the same room.

That homework underneath Morgan belongs to a neighbor kid, and I hate myself for not having known that I could have gotten rid of it by selling it in Buy Mode. Just pretend it’s not there.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, Jed. You’re supposed to be dying of old age, not of a car crash.

Honestly, aren’t these screenshots kinda scary? It’s like he’s having a heart attack that’s keeping him from reacting to the oncoming car, and the driver can’t see him because it’s so dark out. Eek, spooky.

The car just barely misses Jed.

The boys wake in unison.

They make a brief pit stop in their parents’ room to see Morgan is passing only to turn right back around to head outside where Jed is.

I can’t tease Morgan for that. That’s just sad.


A sad Ulrike appears, as if she knows what’s going on!! She’s headed in the direction of her passing friends.

(Again, a brief glance at Morgan before leaving to mourn for Jed. I’m cringing.)

Despite his failures, Jed was a man who was loved 😦


Ulrike laments the fact that she and Jed never had the chance to make up after their argument.


Lucas Munch: Freakin’ dead bodies, always getting in the way…


Yeah, it’s too late to pull the concerned act now, buddy.

Jed and Lucas were actually friends too. What a cold kid.

Morgan is Grim’s first victim, and it was really sad to watch since no one was mourning her. She was all alone in her bedroom, laying on top of some random kid’s homework. I feel bad that I didn’t pay more attention to her when she was alive.


While Jed has five people mourning for him, only two of which are in his family. (That woman next to Lucas stopped by as Grim was taking Morgan.) I’m sorry, Morgan 😥

A two-for-one special for ol’ Grim.


Jesse tries to pull the dramatic, “NOOOOOOOO!” cry, but I fear it’s a little out of place.

He’s definitely an emotional kid, and he unleashes his sorrow by rudely introducing himself to Grim.


Jeremy’s more of an introspective soul though, and he turns to head inside, too upset to be around anyone for the time being.

And then Ulrike cements herself as the best sim ever by being the only one to cry for Morgan after Grim takes Jed and by cleaning up the house for the two boys left with no parents.

(left) Ulrike Faust (middle) Jed Preston (right) Morgan Preston

Jed was able to complete his Friend of the World aspiration before passing and was granted the Beloved trait. Sadly, Morgan did not complete hers. I gave them lots of grief, but I’ll miss them for sure 🙂 Goodbye, Preston founding couple.


8 thoughts on “My Experiences With Autonomy: Generation One, Part Twelve

  1. Aww my founder couple died at the same time too. It’s sad but also better for them.

    Ulrike is so sweet! I love her ghost!

    And oh, Jesse! So that’s where he came from! 🙂

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