MEWA: Generation Two, Part Three


Jeremy’s teenage years are drawing to a close, and it’s time to start planning for a birthday party. He tells Jesse that he thinks it would be wise to invite Gerardo, since he has some suspicions about the relationship between Gerardo’s mom and their dad.


Jesse doesn’t get it, but he goes along with Jeremy’s plan.


Cut to the first guests to arrive, our lovely ladies, Kayleigh and Kasandra.


Kasandra is visibly upset to be at this party. She must be sad to see that Jeremy’s already becoming a young adult, while she’s still a teenager. Chin up, gurl. It won’t be long before you’re the same age again.

Actually, there’s a lot of unhappy faces at this party, including Jeremy himself! He and Li’l Bro eye each other uncertainly. Jeremy’s determined to get to the bottom of this.

And actually, both Jeremy and Kasandra brighten right up after seeing each other. It’s pretty cute 🙂

Pretty soon, it’s time for Jeremy to blow out the candles. Kasandra practically gives him a standing ovation, while the rest of the guests sing along.

His final trait turns out to be gloomy. Growing up, he never really acted like a downer or anything, but I’ve always seen him as an introspective person and for whatever reason, gloomy strikes me as an introspective trait. Not the best fit for his Joke Star aspiration though.


Gerardo decides to have a short chat with Jesse. He feels like there’s some kind of connection between them, but he can’t quite put his finger on it. Jesse is willing, if a little guarded because of what Jeremy said earlier.


Meanwhile, Jeremy rolls a whim to stargaze with Kasandra. They look good together.


Beside them, an angry Ulrike appears and kicks the trash can!


What’s wrong, honey? Everyone here is having such a good time!


She runs to the back of the house where the gravestones are, and I notice ghost Morgan is there too! This is her first time showing up in the afterlife. It’s sweet that she made the effort to show up on her son’s birthday 🙂


Ulrike ain’t impressed though. I see now why she’s upset.

She tells Morgan that it’s pretty lame she didn’t show her face until now. These boys have been living as teenagers without parents and without any source of income! You couldn’t come help clean even once? Ulrike wonders.


All the sudden, Gerardo shows up to break up the fighting. Already a ladies man like his father.


Ulrike and Morgan don’t take the kid seriously though, so he turns his attention to the graves in front of him. It becomes clear to me that the real reason he came this way is to mourn the father he never met 😦

When I saw this, I almost considered asking the kid to move in with Jeremy and Jesse. He’s just as much a Preston son as they are, right? Ultimately, I decided against it though because I didn’t want to separate him from his mother. He should stay with the blood he’s closest to.


Once most of the guests leave, Morgan heads inside to meet with her son, still upset about her argument with Ulrike.


But Jeremy’s so happy to see her that she forgets all about it. She’s proud to see her son all grown up now.


She returns to the gravestones afterwards though and mourns the loss of her husband. Since she and Jed died at the same time and this is her first time showing up as a ghost, she probably didn’t know before that Jed had passed away 😦 Seeing his name on the tombstone makes it very clear to her.


Ulrike meanwhile tries to calm herself down in the mirror. She realizes that she came on a bit strong with Morgan before and that maybe her accusations were too harsh.


She and Morgan band together to clean up the house after the boys go to sleep.


Then they sit down to work out their issues, both sorry for how heated things got earlier. Ulrike knows that Morgan cares deeply for her sons even if tonight was her first time showing up after her death. And likewise, Morgan knows that Ulrike was only upset because of how much she cares about this family. The two apologize and return to being friendly with each other.

When they return to their graves, Jeremy’s young adult birthday officially comes to an end.


4 thoughts on “MEWA: Generation Two, Part Three

  1. Wow! The events that happened here are so profound! I loved all of the interactions between Ulrike and Morgan, even their argument! And I really love that they both chipped in to clean up! I’ve had ghosts that change diapers or feed nooboos before, but never ones that clean up or fix stuff on their own!

    Also, my all-time favorite comedian, Palo Verde the Royal Llama Tamer, had the gloomy trait. Oh, so did his daughter Willow, who was also a famous comedian, though not as popular as her dad.

    Gloomy is one of my favorite traits, and it’s a natural match with goofball! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, as I was writing this chapter, I was kind of amazed at how much meaningful stuff had happened in just one party! I agree with you about Ulrike and Morgan–they made this update.

      That’s interesting you haven’t seen your ghosts clean before, since that’s like 75% of what my ghosts do! XD I guess now that I think about it, Morgan was always cleaning when she was alive too.

      And actually, I thought of Palo Verde when I was writing this! I remembered how uplifting he was in spite of his gloomy trait, so I wasn’t too worried about Jeremy. Willow should be featured more in the next generation I’ll be reading from your legacy, so I’m excited to see that!

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  2. I adored all of the exchanges between Morgan and Ulrike in this one! How interesting that things were so heated at first but they made up by the end of the night. Love it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This was such a fascinating scene to watch play out! I was so confused when I first saw Ulrike all angry, and then everything just kind of fell into place. It was so sweet to see her and Morgan make up in the end! 🙂

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