Chapter Twenty: Honestly

“Thanks for the ride, Mom,” the young friend of Liam’s said to the woman seated inside the car next to her. Alvetta waved and watched as her mom drove away from the lot, then turned to face her friends. “Huh? Where’d Richter go?” she asked upon seeing he wasn’t with the group.

“He went to grab that book he was talking about last night,” Reese, the boy standing next to Liam, told her. “He really wants to show it to us.” [A/N: Liam met Reese at the playground way back when he first met Alvetta, in case you don’t remember.]

“It’s a really cool book!” Liam exclaimed. “There’s robots and explosions and all this science-stuff.” He waved his arms around to imitate all the excitement of the story.


“Well, let’s go find him then,” said Alevtta, already walking to the door. The boys behind her soon followed suit.

Once inside, they found Richter seated at the dining table, an open book on the table in front of him. He turned to them as they walked towards him.

“Took you long enough,” he huffed. “Come look!”

The four gathered around the book, reading the story Richter had hyped up so much the night before. They had all spent the night at Alvetta’s house and had had such a good time that they decided to spend today at the Miribi residence. As they read together, they paused from time to time to tell their own stories. Reese in particular was an especially exciting storyteller.


During the middle of Reese’s third story, the friends heard the creaking of a door opening. Their heads turned instinctively towards the noise.

“Dad?!” Liam shouted, as he watched both his mother and father emerge from the bedroom. “I didn’t know you were here!”


A sheepish Sawyer cleared his throat, clearly surprised to see his sons before him. “Hey, you two,” he said, struggling to find his voice. “Alvetta, Reese,” he added as he nodded at the two other children in lieu of greeting them.

“In fact, your father will be leaving shortly,” Faeron admitted with an unnatural smile. “Perhaps you can all frolic next time,” she suggested before turning to face the other way.

With that, the pair hurried out the front door.

“What does ‘frolic’ mean?” Alvetta asked the three boys.

They all shrugged and brushed off the strange encounter.


Outside, Faeron and Sawyer faced each other, standing a fair distance from the house. They laughed uncomfortably, not certain what to say.

“Well…” Sawyer offered, though he had no thoughts to follow up with.

“Yes, well,” was Faeron’s reply.


Sawyer subconsciously licked his lips. He had a hard time making sense of the previous night’s events. Were they a result of his lowered inhibitions brought about by the alcohol he drank? Or was it something he had wanted, something he’d been craving in the absence of their former intimacy? The lack of regret he felt led him to believe it was the latter, though he remained hesitant to completely concede to that idea.

Faeron meanwhile was certain she had hoped this would happen eventually, but she feared she had moved too fast. On one hand, she worried that Sawyer would doubt she was taking their relationship seriously. On the other, she couldn’t help but expect that Sawyer would cast her aside at this point, like Mitchell and J had done many years ago.

She knew she didn’t want that to happen. She didn’t want to fall back into the timid nature she had had before. So Faeron took it upon herself to take the initiative.

“Regarding last night,” she started. “I enjoyed our time together.” Softly, she spoke, “It was special for me.”

Sawyer stared at her, heat rushing to his face. He had not at all expected her words and was almost stunned into silence. The way Faeron looked at him told him she was genuine.

He rubbed the back of his neck. “You say some embarrassing stuff sometimes, you know that?” he said with a smile he couldn’t keep off his face. His eyes averted from her gaze, he confessed, “…But yeah, I had a good time too.”

When he saw Faeron’s bashful smile in response, he decided to be bold like she had. “I was thinking. I mean, since we’re still technically married and all… Maybe we could give this another shot?” He swallowed hard and finally admitted out loud what had been true for a long time. “Honestly… I miss you.”

Faeron just nodded, unable to form a coherent sentence. She stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Sawyer’s waist, leaning her face into his chest. Sawyer pulled her close in return, and the two stayed like that, content to finally be reunited.


Later that night, while Sawyer was at his hotel to gather his things and cancel his reservation, Faeron stood in the bathroom, admiring a new outfit she had recently bought. She was a different person from who she was before, when she first met her husband. It almost baffled her to think of the shame she used to feel when she would look at her reflection.


Gone were the days when she would rely on a disguise to go about her day-to-day. Gone were the days when she would feel inferior to those around her. She had eternally puckered lips and a long, flat nose, and that was okay. Her husband and children loved her for her, and that was all that mattered to her.

Suddenly, she heard the front door to the house opening. She knew it must be Sawyer, so she left the bathroom to go greet him.

Sawyer placed his things on the floor as Faeron walked towards him.

“You put your hair up,” he noticed. “I like it.”

“Thank you,” she replied before she kissed his cheek. “Did everything proceed smoothly at the hotel?”

“Yup, no problems,” he told her truthfully. “Oh, and I stopped by the drug store to pick up what you asked for.” He reached into a shopping bag on the floor beneath him and pulled out a box of pregnancy tests.

“Great, thank you,” she once again replied. “Best to be certain, correct?”

Sawyer nodded, and then she returned to the bathroom to put the tests to use. Before long, a little pink plus sign appeared, telling Faeron what was to come in the future months.


Note: I hope this chapter isn’t redundant, since most of you already believed that Sawyer and Faeron were back together after last chapter XD I felt it was necessary for them to solidify their reunion with words, not just the ol’ woo and hoo. Hence, this chapter.


2 thoughts on “Chapter Twenty: Honestly

    1. Is it weird for me to say thanks to this? XD Well, I’m gonna say thanks anyway. It’s funny because when I changed her look in game, it was really only because Faeron had become an adult. But here in the story, it ends up seeming like I was going for some symbolic meaning, when I really wasn’t hahaha

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