MEWA: Generation Two, Part Five


Ever since I directed Jeremy to earn some guitar skill so he could get promoted in the entertainer career, he enjoys playing the guitar autonomously. By the look on his face, he’s not too confident in his ability yet, but with enough practice, he might become as good as his dad.

He also continues to practice his comedy, and he’s progressing smoothly through his Joke Star aspiration.


Kasandra stops by for a visit after calling up Jesse. She’s giving the boys major mixed signals. Are you after Jeremy or Jesse, girl?

Either way, Jesse is excited to have an opportunity to talk with her one-on-one. It’s interesting to see that Kasandra’s enthusiasm tones down a bit when she’s talking to Jesse. I guess he has enough of it for the both of them.


Yup, major mixed signals. She invites Jeremy over her to place a few days later.


Jeremy temporarily loses his nerve to spend time alone with a cool chick, so he runs off to another room and starts reading a book.


But Kasandra’s not gonna let that happen. She doggedly pursues him for most of the time that he’s there. And thanks to that, they actually do a lot of autonomous bonding. Nothing romantic yet, though.


Although romance is clearly on the mind of one our young adults here!


Meanwhile, Kayleigh invites Jesse to her place. He’s starving, so he starts making some grub.


Aaaaaand promptly starts a fire in another person’s home. Li’l Bro freaks out, but Jesse is quick to take care of the problem. He’s not happy about his charred outfit though.

Jesse and Kayleigh don’t really seem to click, so I decide to have Jesse introduce himself to Kayleigh’s little sister, who’s now a teenager. Her name is Krystal, and that’s about all we learn about her. They don’t connect much either.

In fact, despite the fact that it was Kayleigh who invited Jesse over to the house, their interactions are pretty limited. They both lie to each other about their careers, curiously enough.

But when Kayleigh shows up to the house the next day all upset, I’m thinking, maybe this is a chance for Jesse to play Mr. Sensitive?


He gently comforts her and actually manages to brighten her mood a bit.


Kayleigh: I love a man who can connect with his feminine side 😉


Okay, nope. Jesse’s not interested. He hardly pays any attention to her as she’s talking to him. Abandon ship, y’all.

So later that night, when I spot a cute DJ at the club, I have Jesse introduce himself.

Jesse rolls a whim to scare someone, so I have him go for it with the DJ. She responds well!


Jeremy’s at the club too, and he sees the ghost of Nancy Landgraab. They start chatting autonomously. Oh, dear. Is it in the blood of the Preston men to be attracted to this woman?


Thankfully, Geoffrey’s there too, so Jeremy and Nancy don’t do anything inappropriate. I’m watching her though. She’s got some mystic voodoo charm or something.


Ol’ Grim shows up too! The nightclub is hopping for the undead gang tonight.

Grim seeks out Jesse, and they actually have a pleasant conversation. I was thinking there might be some drama, since Jesse was pretty upset with Grim back when he took his parents. This is when I start to notice that Jesse has kind of outgrown his childhood punk-ness.


Bonus picture: I had no idea that Grim leaves these black puddles on the floor when he walks around. Don’t walk in it, Jesse!


6 thoughts on “MEWA: Generation Two, Part Five

  1. How funny they lied to each other about their careers! I feel like it’s one of those childhood friemdships that you sort of went along with because you libed next door to each other, bjt now as grownups you realise you really don’t have anything in common. Still, you seeem to compare each other’s lives like it’s a competition – so maybe that’s where the lying about careers came in. They both want to be winning at life 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, my goodness! This is such a perfect interpretation of their relationship! I wanna copy+paste this into the chapter XD You really nailed their connection.

      Oh, and thank you so much for binge reading! I really appreciate it!

      Liked by 1 person

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