MEWA: Generation Two, Part Seven

vvlnga0Now that Jeremy’s made some progress in his love life, it’s time to give Jesse his turn. I have him invite over the cute DJ from a couple chapters back, and she shows up to the house all flirty. There’s some kind of hidden romance enhancer near this door, I swear. The ladies are always so hot and bothered when they get here. Continue reading


MEWA: Generation Two, Part Six


Jesse really starts showing me he’s not into the Public Enemy lifestyle when he rolls a whim to apologize to his cousin, Nylah, after picking a fight with her back at their costume party. Continue reading

Chapter 22: It’s Cliché, But

Growing up, I’d always dreamed of having a big family. My sister and I were really close, despite our age difference, and I guess I wanted to be able to recreate that kind of close sibling bond between my own children. I expected them to grow together and learn together and build off each other’s strengths. All that sappy parent-y stuff. Of course, there’d be some bickering, probably more than I’d like, but that’s just par for the course.

Somehow, it seems like I’m the one learning from them most of the time though. Continue reading