MEWA: Generation Two, Part Six


Jesse really starts showing me he’s not into the Public Enemy lifestyle when he rolls a whim to apologize to his cousin, Nylah, after picking a fight with her back at their costume party.

He approaches her to see if they can work something out, and she’s kind enough to take it into consideration.

As for Jeremy, he’s still building some kind of relationship with Kasandra. I’m still not entirely sure if she’s into either of the boys, but if she is, I’m leaning more towards it being Jeremy. Their conversations are a bit more frequent and more natural.

And so, I have Jeremy throw some innocent flirts her way to see how she reacts. Her response is positive!


So positive, in fact, that Jeremy blows her a kiss of his own volition! Sparks are flying.


I’m therefore not surprised when she invites Jeremy over again just the next day. This time, I let Jesse join, because I’m still somewhat convinced he might have a thing for Kasandra. Not that I think he stands much of a chance sadly, but, ya know.


Jesse: Dude, she totally wants me.


Jeremy: You keep telling yourself that.

Jeremy goes upstairs to do some reading again. Maybe he wants to give Jesse a fair shot.

Also, look how cute he is with the book! I guess when sims are playful, they’ll pretend their books are talking when they read. I’d never seen it before!


Poor Jesse thinks he’s gonna score.

He doesn’t even make it up to plate. A little I-scratch-your-back-you-scratch-mine is all he gets.


It’s finally time to put these two to the test. I set them up on a date to see if this is more than a temporary fling.

Things start out good. They get cozy after some nice conversation.

But then Kasandra leaves to use the restroom, and things start to get weird. Jeremy waits on the same bench while Kasandra excuses herself, and is then joined by some ghost lady. She makes matters worse by generally being insufferable with him.


Jeremy isn’t about to put up with some rando yelling at him over nothing, so he heads inside the bar and gets a drink. It’s coffee though, not alcohol lol. For whatever reason, there’s a coffee machine in Rattlesnake Juice.

Really, Kasandra is taking a long time to take care of her business, and Jeremy’s left to do a lot of waiting.


They finally manage to get a hug in at the romantic location of Right Outside the Bathroom, but they keep cancelling interactions and not holding very long conversations. They also haven’t done much flirting. So I start thinking that maybe this relationship is a bust, and I’m about to stop trying to achieve the date goals.


But then this happens. I was shocked! You can look and see that their romance bar is really very small, and the option to start going steady isn’t even available yet. Jeremy might be a hidden romantic. Their friendship bar is full, so he must know everything about her and wants to become even closer to her.

And hey, I listen when spoken to, so if this is what you want, Jeremy, then I’m totally cool with it.


I invite Kasandra to the Preston house the next day to get this ball rolling, and she arrives in a flirty mood. She’s thinking the same thing as Jesse.

It doesn’t take long for these two to share their first kiss ❤


And then Jeremy makes the cutest nervous face after kissing her. Did she like it? Does she think I’m weird?

But of course she liked it, and the two officially become boyfriend and girlfriend the next day. Yay!


(Oh, and in case you’re interested, turns out The Mistress has found a new boo!)


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