MEWA: Generation Two, Part Seven

vvlnga0Now that Jeremy’s made some progress in his love life, it’s time to give Jesse his turn. I have him invite over the cute DJ from a couple chapters back, and she shows up to the house all flirty. There’s some kind of hidden romance enhancer near this door, I swear. The ladies are always so hot and bothered when they get here.

pfawlzsHer name is Bridget, and she’s so cute that I can’t resist giving her a more DJ-appropriate makeover.

cmm0vtzBridget and Jesse get along pretty well, but things stay friendly despite her flirty mood. Maybe they wanna take things slow.

I’ve also continued guiding Jesse through his Public Enemy aspiration since he’s always thinking about it, but it really doesn’t come naturally for him. I’m the one initiating the insults for the most part. Still, he becomes enemies with lady and is one step closer to completing the aspiration.

awq9asrBoba Fett, a ghost, and a guy in a crop top walk into a bar…

7zjbdwaLater that night, the Goth kid, Shane, invites Jesse out to the Willow Creek nightclub.

i9h5wg1And who else should be there but Jed and all three of his ladies? In order of importance from right to left, I’m sure. Right, buddy?

mh8sv9gJesse finally gets a chance to reconnect with his mom. He asks her what it’s like to be dead, which is a question I can’t help but feel is a tad inappropriate heh.

You know how there’s this weird phenomenon where like 90% of the sims in one household will roll whims to interact with just one particular sim? Like this one sim is so popular with everyone? Yeah, before Jed and Morgan passed away, that sim was Jeremy. He got most of the attention from the parents, and Jesse kind of just tagged along. So it’s nice to see him having some time alone with Morgan.

pvz6422Then Shane introduces himself to our lady Ulrike. Her color tells me she’s only making conversation to be polite. (though the same could be said of Morgan in the previous picture)

l8ckzfyStill, it’s enough to make Jed feel ignored. With Morgan talking to Jesse and Ulrike chatting with Shane (and The Mistress doing who knows what), Jed sulks upstairs to the bathroom for some solitary hauntin’. Who needs friends when you’ve got cheap sinks?


Back at home, Jesse rolls another whim to apologize to one of his enemies. This time, it’s to a guy named Toby, who I think I forgot to mention.

It honestly breaks my heart to see Jesse rolling whims like this. I totally misjudged him as a kid, and now I’m forcing him into fights for the sake of completion. I’m an evil master.

Either way, I bring Jesse over to Toby’s place and let him do the deed. Like Nylah (Jesse’s cousin who he fought with) did before, Toby graciously accepts Jesse’s apology, putting the greatest look of relief on Jesse’s face. I guess these sims who Jesse’s been arguing with also realize he’s not cut out for this life. They’re willing to give him another chance.

Jeremy meanwhile takes a big step and invites Kasandra to move in with him and Jesse. Naturally, she’s thrilled and moves in right away.

Morgan doesn’t seem as thrilled though. She shows up later that night in quite the mood. Jeremy’s her firstborn after all—not just any woman is good enough for her son. She takes out her frustration on the outdoor trash can.

Ulrike senses what’s up and appears as well.

mvaemcpAfter finishing with the trash can, Morgan heads over to the gravestones.

She’s crying at her own tombstone. At first, I found this kind of funny. I was just like, “These wacky sims…” But when I look at the screenshot now, seeing that she’s in an angry mood while she cries, it makes it feel much deeper to me. It’s like she’s angry with herself for dying and for leaving behind her two young sons. Why wasn’t she around to see Jeremy grow up and start dating?

Morgan’s still convinced it’s all Kasandra’s fault though. While she continues her outburst by trashing the bathroom, Ulrike plays mediator and starts building bridges with Kasandra. If Morgan’s not ready to become a mother-in-law, Ulrike figures she can fill the role temporarily.

6f9egg1But Morgan’s anger quickly turns to sorrow as she realizes the problem doesn’t lie with Kasandra.

je7yvqgUlrike sits her down and suggests that Morgan’s real reason for being upset is that she’s simply not ready to see her children all grown up.

Really, time must be a weird thing for ghosts. When Morgan passed away, Jeremy was still a teenager. Now he’s got a girlfriend who’s living with him… Can’t blame Morgan for feeling this way. She didn’t get to see her sons turn into men.

With a few more encouraging words from Ulrike, Morgan’s mood improves significantly 🙂

2dpzebvBeside them, Jeremy watches, clueless. Pfft, Jed’s blood runs deep in him.

ot5kup3By the way, I’m making Kasandra sleep in one of the boys’ old beds hahahahaha. I can’t bear to separate the brothers just yet. They’re so cute when they sleep next to each other ❤


2 thoughts on “MEWA: Generation Two, Part Seven

  1. The ghost appearances are just fantastic! I laughed so hard at seeing Jed with his trio of women at the bar, and the bit with Morgan and Ulrike really got me.

    How’s the story timeline – I’m guessing this is before Freezer Bunny?


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