Chapter 22: It’s Cliché, But

Growing up, I’d always dreamed of having a big family. My sister and I were really close, despite our age difference, and I guess I wanted to be able to recreate that kind of close sibling bond between my own children. I expected them to grow together and learn together and build off each other’s strengths. All that sappy parent-y stuff. Of course, there’d be some bickering, probably more than I’d like, but that’s just par for the course.

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Picture Dump: Baby Time

Decided just to show y’all the pictures for this development instead of writing anything because I didn’t take enough screenshots back when Faeron was pregnant and didn’t think I’d be able to create an interesting narrative based on them. Plus, the chapter basically would have been: “The baby was born. Yay!” XD Anyway, this kid here is Teo (and he has purple skin ❤ ❤ ).

My apologies to PeachyKeen for having a name so similar to one of her kids, Theo. I played this part of my game soooo long ago, so it was before Theo showed up in her story. (Yes, that long ago.)

Chapter 21: Or Whatever

A few weeks had passed since Sawyer had moved back into the house, and Faeron’s pregnancy was proceeding smoothly. Whereas during her first two pregnancies, the strain in her marriage enhanced her discomfort, this time, she spent most of her days smiling, in spite of the morning sickness or aching muscles. This was a pregnancy and a baby she did not dread experiencing, which allowed for her to relax or indulge when the time called for it.

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Chapter Twenty: Honestly

“Thanks for the ride, Mom,” the young friend of Liam’s said to the woman seated inside the car next to her. Alvetta waved and watched as her mom drove away from the lot, then turned to face her friends. “Huh? Where’d Richter go?” she asked upon seeing he wasn’t with the group.

“He went to grab that book he was talking about last night,” Reese, the boy standing next to Liam, told her. “He really wants to show it to us.” [A/N: Liam met Reese at the playground way back when he first met Alvetta, in case you don’t remember.]

“It’s a really cool book!” Liam exclaimed. “There’s robots and explosions and all this science-stuff.” He waved his arms around to imitate all the excitement of the story.

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Chapter Nineteen: At Last

Late one evening, after she had finished up a shift at the restaurant she worked at, Faeron found herself sitting alone at a rather lively nightclub in Willow Creek. Her boys had made plans with a mutual friend from school to have a sleepover together, which meant her house was empty, and that particular night, being surrounded by strangers in a nightclub sounded better to her than returning to an empty home.

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Chapter Eighteen: A Challenger Appears

Some time had passed since Richter started attending elementary school. He always returned home from school in relatively good spirits, and it never took much persuading him to finish his homework. Richter, along with his brother, made it a point to get their work done before dinner so that they could spend the hours afterward playing Cops and Robbers or whatever other playground game they were into at the time. By all accounts, it seemed to Faeron that her son was a good student who enjoyed learning. Continue reading