MEWA: Generation Two, Part Seven

vvlnga0Now that Jeremy’s made some progress in his love life, it’s time to give Jesse his turn. I have him invite over the cute DJ from a couple chapters back, and she shows up to the house all flirty. There’s some kind of hidden romance enhancer near this door, I swear. The ladies are always so hot and bothered when they get here. Continue reading


MEWA: Generation Two, Part Two


We’re getting close to Jeremy and Jesse’s adult birthdays, and I’d like to finish as much of their aspirations as possible before they age up. So I take the two of them to the park so that Jesse can meet some new sims to be disliked by. He needs to be disliked by four sims to finish the second milestone.

The first thing that happens when the lot loads is this girl who I’ve never seen before shows Jeremy a video on her phone. Like the interaction was already halfway finished when the lot loaded, it was a little strange. She’s cute though, so I’m thinking I’ll keep an eye on her. Continue reading