Chapter 21: Or Whatever

A few weeks had passed since Sawyer had moved back into the house, and Faeron’s pregnancy was proceeding smoothly. Whereas during her first two pregnancies, the strain in her marriage enhanced her discomfort, this time, she spent most of her days smiling, in spite of the morning sickness or aching muscles. This was a pregnancy and a baby she did not dread experiencing, which allowed for her to relax or indulge when the time called for it.

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My Experiences With Autonomy: Generation One, Part One

So because I’m really far ahead in gameplay in my prettacy, I’ve put playing that game on hold. Writing will of course continue! Hopefully, I’ll continue to post a new chapter every week.

BUT because I’m not letting myself play my prettacy anymore, naturally, I’ve become bored. So I started playing this other really casual legacy, where I’m trying to play in a relatively hands-off fashion. Usually, I micromanage my Sims too much, so I want to try playing in the way I’ve seen other Simmers play (CathyTea, Sabreene, PeachyKeen88 off the top of my head), by letting my Sims’ whims and autonomy determine their stories. And that’s what I’ve been doing with this casual save.

Originally, I didn’t have any plans to share updates about this legacy… But a lot of interesting (in my opinion) stuff has happened! XD Sooooo I decided to share some updates after all.

But just a heads-up, this story isn’t going to be anything like my prettacy. It’s going to be very, very (like seriously, very) picture-heavy, with just some of my stupid jokes thrown in. Anyway, enough of my lame introductions. Let’s start! Continue reading