Miribi Prettacy


The Miribi Prettacy is my first attempt at the Pinstar Legacy Challenge, in which I also follow Prettacy Challenge rules: to start with an “ugly” founder and see if I can get a “pretty” sim by generation ten. Really, it’s pretty easy to have cute babies in The Sims 4, so I don’t imagine this will be very hard. Plus, my founder isn’t even that ugly. But I love Sims genetics as well as reading Prettacies, so I wanted to play my legacy in this way.

My succession laws are:

  • Strict Matriarchy
  • Strict Traditional
  • Democracy (I was originally going to choose the last born as heir, but I changed my mind)
  • Tolerant

Table of Contents

Prologue: Movin’ Out

Chapter One: Earth to Faeron

Chapter Two: The Man with the Saxophone

Chapter Three: Humble Beginnings

Chapter Four: A Handsome Stranger

Chapter Five: A Woman Scorned?

Chapter Six: I Feel Pretty

Chapter Seven: Saccharine (AKA: The Cheesy Part)

Chapter Eight: A Beautiful Distraction

Chapter Nine: Trouble in Paradise

Chapter Ten: Grasping at Straws

Chapter Eleven: Speak

Chapter Twelve: Commander Booger

Chapter Thirteen: In His Shoes

Chapter Fourteen: From a Different Perspective

Chapter Fifteen: Progress

Chapter Sixteen: Son of a Superhero

Chapter Seventeen: Connection

Chapter Eighteen: A Challenger Appears

Chapter Nineteen: At Last

Chapter Twenty: Honestly

Chapter 21: Or Whatever

[Picture Dump: Baby Time]

Chapter 22: It’s Cliché, But